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VII International Competition of bayan and accordion players


VII International Competition of bayan and accordion players is to be held in Moscow from 13 up to 20 December 2020. It will be open to musicians aged not below 18 and not over 32 at the time of the Competition.

Competition will be held ONLINE with 2 rounds. 



One of the following works on the choice of the competitor:

J.S.Bach — Prelude and Fugue from «WTC» on the choice of the competitor from the following list: 

— vol.1: cis moll, es moll, b moll

— vol.2: cis moll, e moll, F dur, Fis dur, g moll, As dur, a moll, H dur


D. Shostakovitch — Prelude and Fugue from the cycle «24 Preludes and Fugues»

Two pieces from Mussorgsky´s cycle «Pictures at an Exhibition» (competitors can include with two pieces “Promenade”)

Original work for the accordion


Own choice program including a complete original cyclic work (with minimum 2 parts).


  • The Competition will be held in two rounds.
  • To repeat pieces performed in the first and second rounds is not allowed. 
  • The Competition will be held ONLINE. 
  • The contestant is free to play on the bajan or accordion of any type, size, model except those equipped with electronics or amplifiers.
  • Not more than 50% of the contestants are admitted to the second round.
  • In case of equal marks the winner will be chosen from the contestant that played all rounds of the Competition in memory. 
  • Candidates must record their program on VIDEO and send with entry form imperatively before December 1, 2020.


Applications deadline is December 1, 2020. Entry form must be sent to the following address: and

Phone: +7 (925) 771 28 38,  + 7 (924) 305 74 17


The videos of the candidates must imperatively be recorded specifically for the “VII International Competition of bayan and accordion players”, and in no case be published under any platform whatsoever (Youtube, Facebook, etc…), before the end of the Competition (20th December 2020).

Video resolution 720 p (1280 x 720 format 16/9) 

Video Format: .mpg .mp4

The camera (or Smartphone) must be in a fixed shot and in Landscape format. Distance to the camera: about 3 meters. Full image of Candidate: Head / Foot / bellows open. Neutral video background if possible.

Possibility of recording in professional studio.

Audio volume: between -18 and 0 Db

Sound effects:

Prefer a light natural reverb or a light digital reverb when recording in the studio.

Note that too much sound reverb will adversely affect the quality of the performance, as well as the judgment of the international jury.

Each program (separately I and II rounds) must be recorded in one recording (no video interruption between the different works). No audio or video editing is accepted under penalty of disqualification.

Each video will be checked upon receipt. Organizing committee reserves the right to refuse any video that does not meet the criteria defined above.

Videos must be sent with entry form by wetransfer (

    РАМ им. Гнесиных
    Благотворительный фонд Ф.Р.Липса
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